Delta Niroo Gameron

    Delta Niroo Gameron (Eng. Co.) was established in 2005 aiming on development of water and wastewater treatment industry in Iran and providing high quality drinking water based on Iran’s rising needs. The company has set up ambitious goals to provide professional engineering services at international standards and invest in large water and wastewater treatment plants all over the country. Our successful achievements are relying on the well experienced management and thorough skilled technical staff.

    آب شیرین

    Our Services

    • Designing and building of RO desalination system in different capacities
    • Implementation of water treatment plants via B.O.O and B.O.T projects
      • Desalination plants
      • Arsenic Removal plants
      • CO2 removal plants
      • Nitrate removal plants
    • Design and implementation  of MBBR wastewater treatment plants
    • Supply of equipment for water and wastewater treatment plants

    Organization Charts